Nitya Seva

1.Archana(uttering 16/108/1008 name of lord and worshipping with tulsi/flowers/kumkum

Meaning…showering(varshav). when the archana is done in own name, the devotee accumulates punya and if the archana is done in the name of lord, the devotees communication with god increases and increases our capacity to overcome or bear the various prfoblems of health, wealth and any other obstacles.

2. Kalyanmala : (andal mala offering to lord balaji )

For getting blessed with a long and happy married life for married persons and to seek a better partner and to seek a happy family life in future. by offering kalyan mala to lord the devotee is sure to get blessed with a loving partner.

3. Tulsimala ( garland of basil leaves)

Tulsi, the most sacred plant of hindus, is worshipped as a living goddess. has sprititual and physical healing powers. by offeering tulsi mala to lord, the devotee will refuvenate stressed mind and will come close to lord. offering tulsi mala will bring peace, purity, good health and ward off the devotees from any evil.

4. Oil offering

Is generally offered to lord for removing the darkness from ones mind and take one to the path of wisdom and knowledge. helps the devotees to illuminate the light of knowledge and show him the correct path.

5. Unjal seva ( swing )

On saturdays : The utsava vigrahas are placed on the swing duly decorated and are worshipped by the devotees by swinging with a slow speed. as the swing goes up and down, our life is also fill of ups and downs. to give us tolerance and bring a balance in our life, unjal seva is performed. by offering this seve to the lord, the devotee will be blessed with a happy and prosperous life with a balanced mind.

6. Pitru daan ( food or vastram )/ annadanam

The vedas say that the food or any other offerings to the brahmins reach the heaven. according to manu smruti, the souls of the departed ancestors reside in the body of the brahmins to whom the danam is made. and due to this, both the gods and our ancestors souls are satisfied. the devotee donating for brahman bhoj or pitru daan gets devoid of all sins and attains salvation. such devotees will have a long health life, good offsprings, fame , prosperity and physical strength.

7. Vastra daanam : ( clothes offered to god / goddess )

By donating vastram to god/goddess, the devotee will get full peace of mind and abundant prosperity. he will never feel the need to protect his physique/body from ailments, as his physical health will be taken care of by the god.

8. Prasadam ( naivedya )

Litereal meaning of prasada is mercy.
By offering prasadam to lord, we seek his mercy and love. the prasadam which is prepared with love and devotion and offered to lord will make us the beneficiary of his krupa prasad and such devotees will be blessed with everlasting pleasure, good health and porsperity. it is believed that the prasadam offerred to lord is consumed first by lord and the remnants which is distributed to the devotees is supposed to relieve the devotees fropm all the sins and sorrows.

9. Deepotsava seva ( deepalankar)

By lighting a lamp, the devotee does not only light the lamp, but he gets the anugraha (blessings) of lord and gets gyan drishthi---clear vision of knowledge. the lamp which is lighted with devotion, love and clear heart, will put an end to all the darkness ( sorrows) in ones life. his or her future will be very bright and prosperos.

10. Offering til pudi

Generally, til oil or black seasme(til) seeds soaked in til oil are offered to lord shaneeshshwara or lord hanuman to get rid of sade sathi or any problems related with shani, rahu and ketu grahas. scientifically the odour emitting while the black seasme seeds when burnt duly soaked in til oil is inhaled, opens up the inner knots in the veins and make the flow of blood circulation easy and refreshens the mind. aesthetically, the vapour arising out of this process is lighter than air and goes up speedily, thus makeing it is easier to connect with lord himself.

11. Tulabharam ( weighing in a scale )

It symbolises offering oneself entirely without any assumptions to lord almighty shedding of all the ego and offering sharanagati at the lotus of the lord. leaving all the problems to lord and surrendering totally to him. by giving tulabharam( any item required for prasadam equivalent to ones weight) the devotee gets immense inner satisfactioin and peace and attains self realisation. socially, the items offered for tulabharam are used for prasadam and then annadanam, poor feeding etc. in fact, tulabharam is equivalent to annadanam.

12. Suprabhata seva

By offering this seva, the lord is waken up by chanting suprabhatam and then he is offered the first bhog and aarti of the day. it is believed that devotees who donate for suprabhata seva will have always very good mornings and days ahead in their future life. the god will give them the strength and forbearance to face the days problems very easily and amicably.

13. Nitya seva ( daily pooja )

The seva covers the two time prasadams and aartis to lord. taking care of lord will definitely benefit the devotee immensely by way of good health and prosperity.

14. Bhajan yajman

Every day, except sundays, after the bhajans one or two devotees (generally who have birthdays/marriage anniversaries) are taken near to lords sanctum sanctoram and special pooja is done to lord on their behalf. this worship is done for the overall health, wealth , happiness and prosperity of the yajman.

15. Udayasthamana pooja

Worship of the lord from sunrise to sunset. taking care of lord from the early morning to night shayan pooja by the devotees ( all alankarams, vastrams, archanas, bhog, deeparadhana,flowers/tulsi). by offering this seva the devotee will be relieved off all the unhappiness. sins and sorrows of his life and his future will be very very bright, healthy, wealthy and prosperity all round.