Daily Worship Schedule

What is Meaning of Venkateswara?
Every day, morning 6.00 am, the Lord is woken up, while reciting the Venkateshwara Suprabhatam and then the shodasha upacharam is performed. While waking up the Lord, 108 names of Lord are chanted along with offering of flowers and Tulasi at the lotus feet of Lord and Archana is performed.
Then the Lord is bathed and fresh silk clothes and jewellaries along with camphor, chandan are offered to the Lord. Lord is then dressed. Then fresh garlands are offered to the Lord, which are made by devotees following devotional standards.
Dhupa, deepa, Fruits and milk sweets are offered in the balabhogam at 7.30am. At noon 12.00pm, Rajabhoga - delicious dishes are offered to the Lord. In the evening at 6.00 pm Sandhya Bhog which includes fruits are offered.
In Ekanta Seva, Lord is put to rest while massaging the feet with the recitation of devotional prayers and songs.


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